Speaking & Media Events

OpEdNews:  Robb Kall, Founder and Editor of this Progressive, U.S. and Internat’l blog news site invited me to write a blog. He featured my article for one day and as a background article a second day. Visit http://bit.ly/1XMSCnO  for my blog or http://bit.ly/29qPq37 for OpEdNews.

May 23, 2016  I was the guest speaker on The Ed Tyll Show.  This was a very informative interview as we delved into the many traumatic issues that I have lived through.  He attempted to make sense of it all, and the fact that I am a survivor. He has a large base of 1.9 Million Audience Listeners. Visit http://www.EdTyllShow.com 

Neil Haley is the CEO, TV Show Host, Producer, and Radio Show host at The Total Spotlight Show, also known as the Total Education Network which is syndicated on 120+ stations all over the world with an audience of 2 million listeners. Since the month of June is PTSD Awareness Month, I was invited on his show to discuss PTSD as an expert. We discussed primarily all the different experiences which can lead to PTSD, what actually happens to your body, and the treatment available for this mental illness. Neil was an excellent host and brought out the highlights of this sensitive subject matter.  You can listen to his show live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/totaltutor

June 27, 2016  I had the honor of returning to the Ed Tyll Show on WTKS Real Radio 10. This date is the national mandated day by the Senate for public awareness on the very serious health issue of PTSD.  I  addressed this issue from the perspective of being a survivor. We discussed my life issues which brought me to the diagnosis of PTSD, and how I fought through the throes of this mental illness to become a whole person again. I encouraged his audience to seek the treatment which is available today and has a very high success rate for recovery.

October 2016  I was the guest speaker on Tiffany Werhner’s Moments of Clarity radio show.  She is a Psychotherapist and Author who specializes in treating patients of child abuse, adult patients for anxiety, self-esteem, and all mental health issues. You can listen to her inspiring discussions and call in with your questions at    http://www.mocwithtiffany.com  Then find http://www.tantalk1340 online for her live program.

I was invited back to Tiffany Werhner’s radio program. She was featured as premier therapist on http://childabuse.com  for the month of January. This was an enlightening show because so many adult mental health issues today actually originated from their adverse childhood experiences. Without help, these issues tend to stay with a person for life. As Tiffany says in her book, “There is a light within you that never goes out…” You can be totally healed. Her live program is at http://www.mocwithtiffany.com and then go to http://www.tantalk1340.

Upcoming:  Date TBA  I have been invited on Healthylife.net Radio Network by Sharkie Zartman.  Her program focuses on health issues and subjects that offer empowerment to her audience.  I will be talking about PTSD.  First I want to bust the myths!  This will be an informative, inspiring, and life-changing discussion for loved ones or anyone suffering from PTSD.  You need to know what you don’t know about this serious mental health illness.  Please tune in at www.healthylife.net

More updates to follow as they happen!