Penny Hollick is the author of the soon to be published book My Naked Face. She firmly believes that she has lived her life to this day for you, her readers. She will leave you laughing, crying, or on the edge of your seat to hear her tales of sadness, revulsion, death-defying adventures, and unimaginable joy. It is her intense passion to help even one person out in the world who can relate to what she has lived through. If her book empowers people to live the life of their dreams, then all the trauma, pain, and suffering she has lived through will not have been lived in vain.



My Naked FaceMy Naked Face is a true story about a lost little girl, who from the moment she was born, was abandoned, neglected, and abused. Her mother was an alcoholic who went out drinking in the bars and left this newborn baby totally alone while her father worked all day. Her father got a divorce and was awarded 100% custody of this child in the 1950’s which was unheard of in those days. He and his daughter traveled across the country from Michigan to southern California to begin a new life together.

Her dad found a temporary room in a boarding house where the owner would care for his daughter and other children during the day while he went off to his new job. Little did he know that he took his daughter literally “out of the frying pan and put her into the fire”. While he was at work each day, she would be yelled at, taunted, physically hurt and thrown across the room intentionally by this big woman caretaker.  She would be debased beyond what a reader would want to hear, all the while thinking that she certainly was a very naughty little 3-1/2-year-old girl. But, alas……her mother traveled to California to find them.

As they became a family once again, would this help this defenseless little girl or put her on a road to more unspeakable horrors?

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